Bio Tank

Composite Water Tank

“Com-TNK” the composite underground and above ground water storage tank is a unique product, developed to replace traditional R.C.C Sump or R.C.C Overhead tanks. Homogeneous moulded and factory rested it ensures water

Composite Septic Tank

“Comp-SEP”, a factory manufactures composite underground septic tank comes with internal partition and leak proof (air tight) construction. The insulatin nature of the composite material maintains temperature inside the tank to allow the growth of the bacteria that digest solid waste. Its corrosion resistance property ensures the logn life of the tank

Composite Water Tank

  • Made in chennai – locally available
  • No steel in construction resulting in no corrosion Impervious no water seepage
  • Overhead & Above ground tanks are protected from UV rays.
  • Installation space by volume for composite tank is hardly 5% more than the water stored.
  • It can be supplied with inside partitions & required number nozzles to meet the specifice needs of the clients.
  • It can be shifter from one place to other, even after the usage.
  • Growth of algae and other types of Bio-Fouling are considerably eliminated, because of the glassy finish at inside the tanks.