ESE Lightning Arrester

Allywell is a manufacturer and supplier of direct strike lightning surge & transient protection equipment and earthing products to a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Allywell personnel and their associates have combined experinece over many years in servicing customers throughout the world on many types of projects in some of its most lightning prone ares. our Personnel have vas experience in providing direct stricke area protection surge and transient protection and earthing solutions. Our extensive experience has involved risk management system design training certifcation and installation and commissioning in key industry groups such as:


  • Telecommnunications & Broadcasting
  • Pertochemica, oil &gas
  • ¬†High-rise buildings and hotels – All types of structures
  • Sporting centre and grounds – Golf courses, Racetracks, Stadiums
  • Aviation – Civil & Military
  • Mining – coal, gold, nickelm iron, copper, bauzite etc.
  • Industrial facilities of all kinds
  • Defense – comminications, surveillance and storage of armaments
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Rail / transport systems
  • Monuments / Ecological sites